Promo-Pack has in its offer a large range of processing lines for chocolate and bakery products, or individual equipment, components of these lines, all of them produced in European Community.

Chocolate products:

  • Chocolate tablets or chocolate bars with or without ingredients.
  • Chocolate tablets or chocolate bars with different fillings: cream or gem.
  • Molded shells or produced in “Frozen cone” technology.
  • Pralines “One-Shot” with different kind of fillings
  • Chocolate chips.
  • ”Lentils” or chocolate drops polished or sugar covered.

Enrobed products:

  • Enrobed biscuits or cookies completely, only up side, down side or lateral side.
  • Enrobed extruded/deposited bars with different masses.
  • Enrobed Swiss-roll, mini-roll or layer cake.

Bakery products:

  • Cookies with chocolate chips or lentils.
  • “Oatmeal”, “Coconut” or “Butter” cookies filled with cream or gem.
  • Swiss roll, layer cake, cupcake, plum cake-any kind of sponge cake.

The equipments that Promo-Pack could offer to its customers cover all the segments of a complete processing line:

    • External silos made in stainless still or fiber glass with or without thermal insulation.
    • Internal silos made in stainless still or Trevira.
    • Transport and dosing systems.
    • Mixers for hard or soft dough, for cream with or without aeration.
    • Depositors and extruders for soft or hard masses combined with different kind of fillings.
    • Convection oven, direct gas fired oven or electric heated oven.
    • Cooling tunnel for molded, enrobed or decorated products.
    • Processing equipments like cutting, creaming, rolling or overlapping after baking/cooling.

Packaging machines or automatic packaging lines:

  • Primary packaging system:
    • Horizontal packaging machines-Flow pack.
    • Vertical or inclined packaging machines with different types of dosing systems.
    • Four side sealing or tube packaging machines
  • Secondary packaging systems:
    • Automatic or manual shrink film packaging machines.
    • “Pick and place” robot systems.
    • Cartooning packaging machines
    • Palletizing systems
  • Product inspection equipments.
    • Metal detectors.
    • Check weighers.
    • X-Ray detectors.