Planetary mixer

Planetary mixer: this type of mixer is suitable for soft dough (wire-cut cookies, dosed products, injected products), for any kind of cream and for hard dough like rotary molded biscuits.


Turbo-mixer: the buffer tank is included in the same structure. The vertical mixing head has a high level control of the mixing/aeration process.

Longitudinal cutting device

Rolling unit

Rolling unit: for Swiss roll family size or for mini-roll.

Injection equipment

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Injection equipment: vertical or horizontal, depending on application.


Pre-mixer: premixing of the solid and liquid ingredients to obtain sponge dough or cream for Swiss roll and layer cake.

Roller extruder

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Roller extruder: deposits the sponge dough on the oven belt.

Cream depositor

Cream depositor: The number of channels and the cream volume is adjustable.

Transversal guillotine

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Transversal guillotine: mechanical or ultra-sound, depending on product consistency.

Cup-cake production machine

Cup-cake production machine: with or without paper cup dispenser

Complete sponge cake line

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