Product inspection equipments are very important devices in the production/packaging process to achieve the high standards in terms of health security and quality conditions and protection of the client’s brand against usual mistakes in the production process. That is why Promo-Pack included this kind of products in its offer in order to complete the range of equipments necessary for a production line.

The categories of these devices we offer are:

-Metal detectors;

-Check weighing devices;

-X-ray detectors;

The metal detector has to provide the maximum sensitivity with minimum false rejections and to be suitable for as many as possible applications. The detection could be done unpacked product or packed in non metalized film, on horizontal conveyors, vertical falling, pipes or other special applications.

The check weighing device combines the weighing technology with a lot of transport solutions for a lot of types of products: bakery, chocolate, snacks/fast-food, bottles, glass cans, or non-food products. The equipments that Promo-Pack offers to its customer have high speed and accuracy.

X-ray detector assures protection against contamination with metal glass or any other objects with a solid consistency. The versions available can do the inspection for any kind of product in bulk, packed stationary or moving. The equipments could do: the detection of the contamination, level of filling, the integrity of the product and many other tasks, depending on version and software.

Because Promo-Pack has the support of an important producer in the field, could offer to you a high technological solution, able to protect your product and your brand.